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NightSky IT does the research for you when it comes to the purchase of new equipment. We will find you the best pricing possible on the best equipment suited to your needs.  You can rely on our recommendations to be unbiased and objective because they are based on experience and testing.


Remote Access and Back Up

NightSky IT will design a secure, cost effective remote access solution that is capable of handling telecommuting as well as remote maintenance and troubleshooting.  No matter what type of network you have, remote access will allow you to work from home or on the road, using a secure Virtual Private Network over the internet.

Back up services are now available to our clients whose machines we maintian. Now you never have to worry about lost information. We will back up your server to tape and store your files in a fire proof enviroment or deliver them to you by secure courier. Contact us for back up package options and pricing.



Regular periodic maintenance is the most economical way to insure your network downtime is minimized. Our maintenance service cleans Spy-ware and viruses and updates your computer with the latest security patches.  Firmware and hardware updates are accomplished on a rotating basis. 

In addition, NightSky provides a Remote Maintenance Package for those clients with remote access.  At least two on-site visits per year are required to maintain the physical cleanliness of your computers.

All services from NightSky IT are discounted 5% for clients with a maintenance package contract.  As prices vary depending on the size and type of your network, please contact us for a quote.